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Posted By: GUEST,Claire Z
09-Mar-05 - 05:09 PM
Thread Name: When do you become a musician?
Subject: RE: When do you become a musician?
Well, in all of these responses, I have yet to see the answer that I would give to this question.

I have struggled with this concept. I clog, play bodhran, sing, call contra dances - basically all things intrinsically involved with making music without actually plucking, bowing, or strumming. I struggled with this because without thinking of myself as a musician, I felt inadequate to particpate in the creative process my band goes through when learning and arranging new material. I didn't seek the label so that I could call myself a musician, nor did I accept the label, when others would say I was one.

It took me about 5 years with my current band and 2 cds to accept that my contribution was as a musician. In my participation, I noticed that the others listened to my ideas and that as our songs took shape, I had responsibility and the ability to help shape them along with my fellow musicians. I also developed my intellectual grasp and knowledge of our music, and felt relaxed and in control enough to express my innate sense of how the timing and tones can change to really make songs special.

Now, I pretty much think of myself as a musician and accept that what I do with my voice or whatever I am doing is being a musician. This is partly because the music is so much a part of me that most of it comes from my body without any actual thought - it sort of blooms out. - you all probably know that feeling well.

That said, I also think of myself as a planner, a mom, a wife, a community member, many things. To fully do something with the confidence required to do it well - you need to on some deep level know that you have the knowledge and instinct that gives you a right to express yourself. That is why it is important to think of yourself as a musician - not so that you can put it on your promotional materials.

Claire Z