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Posted By: Bill D
08-Mar-05 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: traffic lights
Subject: RE: BS: traffic lights
I am ROYALLY tired of cyclists who don't believe the road rules apply to them...ignoring lights, signs, slipping between cars and riding in the middle of the road even when special bike paths are provided. It is rare to see a serious rider here (Wash DC and environs) who follows the rules.

As to is legal to turn right on a red light after stopping, except where otherwise marked (like on hills and certain high-traffic spots)...and this usually allows a lot of extra progress. But it is getting to be more & more popular to barely slow at red lights and stop signs if there doesn't 'seem' to be any traffic coming. THIS IS A BAD HABIT!!!! It leads to guessing and assuming and careless hurrying.

We in the Wash DC area have a LOT of RAs/traffic circles and some of them are pretty scary in heavy traffic. People take chances and get belligerent when they are in a hurry, and amazing idiocy happens! A few of these circles/RAs need lights within them to deal with complex, multiple entrances, but most rely on the rule noted above. It can be interesting when they are 3 or 4 lanes wide!