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Posted By: Shanghaiceltic
07-Mar-05 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: traffic lights
Subject: RE: BS: traffic lights
In China there are many many traffic lights but they don't help as most drivers routinely ignore them, cutting across on a red or just blocking the junction even though yellow boxes are painted on the roads. But if they did not have them then the chaos would be even worse as it would be dog eat dog.

There is a color blindness test as part of the driving exam here. Tell the difference between red and green, green and orange and orange and green and oddly between yellow and orange. I nearly failed the test on not being able to see a clear difference between yellow and orange. I did point out that most Chinese drivers suffer from red/green colour blindness. I got a long hard stare from the examiner.

They have tried roundabouts but as with T junctions trying to get Chinese drivers to obey the traffic regulations and consider rights of way is like peeing into the wind. No one but no one gives way.

Here intersections are an area where caution is thrown to the wind. If you see an opening you take it and bugger the rest. Visitors to China often wonder why people never use the pedestrian crossings. Thats easy, cos no one stops for pedestrians on a crossing so you might as well just cross anywhere you like.

If this has given anyone the impression that driving in China is not for the faint hearted then you are right. It is not. I have been driving here now for 3 years and I take a change of underwear on each journey ;-)