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Posted By: GUEST,TIA
07-Mar-05 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Can't claim it's a popular view, but as of tonight, here's MY view.

Today I snapped.

I saw a man with a sign that pissed me off, shouting a slogan that pissed me off.

Going for a run didn't calm me down.

Playing the banjo didn't calm me down.

My head is still about to explode (yeah, yeah, I know - like a balloon bursting).

I am goddam sick of this "blame America first" crowd.

Too little morality in the USA?

It's because America doesn't allow the government to endorse the Ten Commandments.

Too much violence in the USA?

It's because America teaches kids that mothers can kill their babies.

Too many "activist judges" who "legislate from the bench"?

It's because America gives too much power to dissenters in Congress.

Why haven't we caught Osama bin Laden?

It's because America doesn't allow investigators to torture his whereabouts out of his alleged accomplices.

Why do we have such gigantic budget deficits?

Because those damn old people and veterans are sucking up "entitlements".

Well guess what people.

In America, the constitution forbids government from endorsing religion.

In America, abortion is legal.

In America, the minority party was given the filibuster by Thomas Jefferson.

In America, torture is NOT legal.

In America, we have a safety net that has worked pretty damn well for three quarters of a century.

If someone loved America, would they work so hard to change it so much?

Tell you what.

I do love America.

Why don't YOU "love it or leave it" you phoney conservative, reactionary, America-blaming, neoconservative bastards.

Yeah you.

The ones Colin Powell so famously refers to as "the fucking crazies".

Go start a country that fits your "values".

'Cause AMERICA does NOT.

Oh, and before anyone points it out....just my opinion of course.