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Posted By: Azizi
06-Mar-05 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Back of Bus Songs
Subject: RE: Back of Bus Songs
Here's a unison song that my daughter, an elementary school teacher, told me that kids from her school sang on their school trip yesterday:
It's sung to the tune of John Brown's Baby has a cold upon his chest":

I got a song that
no one ever likes.
no one ever likes {Hey!}
no one ever likes.
I got a song that
no one ever likes.
And it goes some thing like this.

[repeat the same words but ever time you do so slightly
changing the last line..for example
"And the song goes like this"; "And we sing it like this"
"And the words go like this"

I guess the reason why "no one" {no bus drivers?} likes this song because it could very easily get on their nerves...

But not being a bus driver, this songs sounds like a keeper to me!