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Posted By: Grab
04-Mar-05 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Martha Stewart: You Go, Girl!
Subject: RE: BS: Martha Stewart: You Go, Girl!
"Doesn't seem to happen to too many rich people" - so the ones it *does* happen to are automatically "scapegoats"...? Newsflash, folks - many other criminals aren't caught either, but the ones who are and who are tried and convicted are not "scapegoats".

I've got no sympathy for someone richer than Croesus who decides they want to con a bit more money out of other people to line their overstuffed pockets. Stewart isn't a "scapegoat", she's a convicted criminal who got caught red-handed. The Enron people should have got what was coming to them too, and it's a scandal that they didn't. But that doesn't mean that everyone else convicted of share-dealing fraud is a scapegoat for Enron.

On the "savings" front, remember this was a share-dealing thing. So where would the money come from that lines her pockets? Answer: all your insurance and pension funds. The fact that people are then going out and making a garden for her just shows how screwed up they are.