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Posted By: Piers
03-Mar-05 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need money?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need money?
Hi Jimmy, I reckon even if there are the same number of 'people cheating the system' in socialism as there are now, it is not a good enough reason not to make it happen. I don't think socialism will be a utopia but will be a many times better way of doing things than they are done now.

However, I believe we try and cheat the system because it is gloriously unfair: work - that should be a pleasure - is often drudgery. I mentioned earlier the extra labour that could be available because so much of it is used now in maintaining the capitalist system (i.e. doesn't actually produce anything) and is not utilised because of capitalism (unemployment). The workload itself is reduced, thus even if a job is really unpleasant, like cleaning the sewers no one will have to spend all day doing it, just some of the day and low skilled tasks such as that can be spread around.

The present system means that there are overworked dentists and underdentised (I made that word up but you get what I mean?) workers.   Healthcare being a drain on income, an undesirable cost, but dentists have got to chase the patients.

You say that the present system acts as a check and balance against laziness, i.e. the threat of poverty forces workers to work. Isn't being forced to do something enough to inspire cheating, that aside, the corollary of that is that the >800million malnourished people worldwide are hungry because they are lazy. I'd guess you don't believe that and recognise people go hungry because it is not profitable to produce food for them. Whilst I'm sure in the day-to-day running of a dental practice in capitalism you are very glad that your staff are so compelled to come to work, but as a basis for the controlling the production of goods and services and having a fulfilling life I reckon capitalism is to us, what gingivitis is to your gums.