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Posted By: Piers
03-Mar-05 - 08:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need money?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need money?
Dear Jimmy, As I, and others, have stated below. We are not talking about comparing living in society today with and without money. Whether it is mainly private capitalism (like most 'western' countries) or mainly state-owned capitalism (like the eastern bloc 15 years ago). Money is a facet of a society where the vast majority of people do not posses the means of living but have no choice but to trade their labour with those who do own the means of living for the ability to live.

There are examples of how a moneyless society could work now. A library for instance, from the point of view of distribution. It has many books and users are allowed to take out books from that library, up to their allowance of borrowings (in some libraries it is effectively unlimitted).

There can be millions of books available, with tens of thousands of users chasing them. If many users need a book, additional copies are bought. If there is still hot competition, loan periods are reduced to increase circulation.

Users may check the catalogue, to see if a book is held by the library, or a different library. They can see if it is available, or on loan. If it is on loan, they can see when it is due. They can request it, if it is on-loan, and require its return. They can see if it is on order, and put their name down to receive it when it arrives. They can suggest a purchase.

None of this requires exchange of money, it is all done through direct signals and co-operation between librarians and users. This is the way socialism, a money-less society would work, without distribute books, this is reality.

In bookshops on the other hand, which attempt to fulfill the same function as a library, you can only have a book if you can afford it. And as everybody knows the shelves in most high street bookshops are only stacked with the latest most profitable titles. If it's not there you have to wait. Unless it is a text or reference book, once you've read it it's useless. The supply of goods and services already occurs on a moneyless basis.

Books are just one example of the means of living, apply the library method to food, clothes, entertainment etc. and we are all laughing.

So instead of coming out with meaningless generalisations (You may be able to make some cases on theory only but reality makes money seem to be a pretty good idea) why don't you become a socialist?