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03-Mar-05 - 01:47 AM
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I was in grade school in a Denver suburb when JFK was shot-I even remember where in the room I sat. Just the day before, we'd had a "civil defense' drill. A couple of the kids in class dropped under their desks when the teacher announced the President had been shot. Those kids thought a bomb would be dropped soon.
    I was kid in JR HI in April 1968, and babysitting at a neighbor's house, & in front of the TV with the 10 yr old boy, when it was announced that Dr. Martin Luther King had been shot. His parents came in early that night, saying that their evening card game was not appropriate when such a terrible thing had happened.
    A couple months later in June, Mr. Cronkite told us about RFK.
    In July of 69, my younger brother & I were glued to the TV in the living room almost 24 hrs a day when the Saturn V rocket sent Apollo 11 to the moon. The whole world watched with us.
    In 1970, a friend & I were listening to our favorite radio station when they broke in with the news of the National Guard shooting college kids for protesting at Kent State.
    A few months later in 1970, the boy who gave me my first kiss wrote to me as he was flying his last mission from the base in Korea to somewhere over "VietNam" thrilled that he was coming home soon.   He never made it home.
    I was with a date in the car, when the radio announcer said John Lennon had been shot to death.
    I was at home in Minnesota on June 3, 1989 with big eyes glued to the TV as machine guns were pointed by Chinese soldiers at the head of Mr. Dan Rather who was literally risking his life to show us the tanks & guns pointed at the brave young people of China who had erected a replica of our USA's Lady Liberty & were protesting in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China. They finally made all the reporters turn off all the cameras & leave, so the gov't troops could murder alot of people.
    In the Fall of 1990, I was visiting my mother in Tulsa, and we saw odd looking camo painted on odd looking humvee-type & other military vehicles being shipped South on flatbed railroad cars. I had a horrible sick feeling as I remembered the prophetic words of an Army officer from a few years earlier, "The next big war will be fought on desert terrain."-----------------------------------------------Feb. 1991, Desert Storm killed 180,000 human beings called "royal guard" &/or "Iraqi army troops" in the first few days of bombing. **[One guy came running up, hands in the air, to the American troops who were pushing through the country, saying "Hey, you guys, don't shoot! I'm an American!!" in Birkenstocks, polo shirt & shorts with a noticably Bostonian accent. He had been made a member of sadsack insane's army at the point of a gun while visiting his aunt
in Iraq.]***
    April 19, 1995, I in Miami, Oklahoma having breakfast with my then boyfriend while his new truck was being serviced. It was DeWard & Pauline's Restaurant across the street from DeWard & Pauline's Motel where mcveigh had stayed. Someone silenced everyone with the news. You could hear every fork falling on plates, dishes falling out in the kitchen.   A young state trooper from that area stopped one timothy mcveigh on a back highway. He almost was let go on bond with his NRA card, but the officer found a hidden weapon for which mcveigh had no legal Oklahoma permit.
    9-11:I was down in Winfield, KS at the Walnut Valley Music Festival & on my way to the portapotty when I heard someone's radio tell about the 1st of the Twin Towers. They had their battery powered TV on by the time the 2nd one was hit. A young friend came up to me & I asked him if he was on alert (with the Air Force). He said yes, & asked me how I knew. I told him to call in right then. He heard the about 2 seconds of the news report & ran to his truck. A few minutes later, I watched him in his desert camo fatigues kissing his young wife goodbye-as she held their baby in her arms. It was a subdued festival, several of the performers didn't make it & some others filled in--but I'm glad I was there in the midst of all those Musicians instead of anywhere else.
    In January '03 I awoke early one AM terrified after having dreamed of being in Baghdad. It was a terribly frightening nightmare. Air raid sirens, body bags without end, guns, guns, guns, bombs, evil special police . . .it took me at least half an hour to convince myself that I was in the USA in my own bed & it was all "just" a dream. The next month, . . . well, you know the rest of the story.
    I also remember the stunned feeling when I heard the news of Princess Di; John Kennedy JR.'s plane going down, & a few other historical things. These events are frozen into my brain. My nephews & neices & I have talked about some of these events, as I am hoping they will understand why these events were such powerful historical events. "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat past mistakes in the future."