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Posted By: Marje
02-Mar-05 - 01:41 PM
Thread Name: 'Learned from the singing of...' ?
Subject: RE: 'Learned from the singing of...' ?
Radriano, I agree - I often acquire songs and tunes by hearing them performed somewhere and then going off to find the tune/words in a printed form so that I can learn them. You're unlikely to learn a whole song at one hearing, so unless you're in the habit of recording every club, concert etc you attend, this is often the only way to get it all.
I don't think it would be very helpful to describe this process routinely by way of introducing a song - it would be pretty boring and meaningless. And unless there's something very distinctive about a particular version and I'm trying to imitate that, I wouldn't normally say whose version I was most influenced by. Generally, I like to try to make the song my own and get away from the version I first heard. Sometimes, in fact, you need to do that explicitly: "This song is best known in X's recording, but it's a good song nonetheless, so here's my version!"