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Posted By: MBSLynne
02-Mar-05 - 07:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where were you when.......
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JFK was assasinated the day after my birthday, and I remember coming home from school and my Mum telling me. It shows what an impact he made that at the age of 11 I actually knew who he was.

When Martin Luther King was killed I was walking down the hill from school with my best friend heading for a shop where they had just started selling apricot ice-cream in cones. Outside the shop was a new board with the headline on it.

I heard the news of John Lennon's death when my boyfriend and I went to pick up his sister to go to Melton Mowbray market...she told us when she got into the car.

When Princess Diana was killed, my Mum and Dad had just arrived on a visit from Australia the previous day. We were all still in our jamas (it was a Sunday morning) and I went out to meet the man from the paper shop bringing the Sunday paper. He was actually in tears and told me the news. While I was not a fan of Princess Di, I was very moved by his obvious distress

Iwas driving to the chip shop when I heard that the Queen Mother had died.

My husband texted me to tell me that a 'plane had flown into one of the twin towers, but I didn't realise the scale of the thing until I heard it on the radio as I drove to work an hour or so later. After I got home we had the television on continuously to watch some of the worst and most amazing scenes I've ever seen (and I hope I'll never see again)

When the first men landed on the moon I was at work at my first job and someone brought a portable television in to work so we all sat or stood around and watched as it happened.

Love Lynne