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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
02-Mar-05 - 05:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where were you when.......
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When the Challenger exploded, I was in New Zealand with my mother, my sister and my 19 month old neice, trying to eat cereal. That neice will be 21 this year.

I wasn't around for Kennedy getting shot, but I do remember Reagan getting it and thinking the same as Dave's Wife above.

I was in bed when I heard about John Lennon, just about to get up for school (I was 16) and spent the rest of the day stumbling around in shock or tears. No-one else understood why but he was a link to my brother who'd been killed 6 years previously. Chris was a huge Beatles fan and had indoctrinated me!

For the World Trade Twin Towers, I was at work in a 33 storey building, which is used as a visual landmark for aircraft flying around London. About an hour after the news broke (about 2-3pm GMT), there wasn't a plane in the sky. The building was practically empty by 3.30pm, people didn't want to be in any tall building for a while after that.

I was at home, sitting in the window seat when the bomb exploded in London's Docklands, 8 miles away. I heard the blast clearly, and my windows shook.

When a huge car bomb took out a foreign ambassador in Kensington, I was working in Canning Town, some 8-10 miles away, it was 12.05pm and I was crossing the road to go to the sandwich shop. Again, I heard the explosion clearly.

When the Iranian Embassy was under siege, I was in Dorset, with my parents watching a John Wayne film, when it was interrupted with live footage of the SAS taking out the hostage takers.