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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
01-Mar-05 - 11:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where were you when.......
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dave's wife beat me to the first one that occurred to me--we were driving back from a camping trip and listening to the radio when men landed on the moon.

I was in school (fourth grade) in Seattle when John Kennedy was shot. I remember my mother paying close attention to the televised events back around then when a pope died and a new one was elected. Someone more in tune with popes in the early 1960s can probably flesh that out some.

I was at home just fixing lunch on April 19 when the Branch Dividian compound went up in smoke. A couple of years later I was at home with my son in 1995 when the Afred Murrah building exploded (Tim McVey). I called the elementary school and asked to speak to my very young daughter (first grade at the time). I was told something glib by the office staff, and I was just annoyed enough to tell her what had happened (she didn't know) and that furthermore, my daughter knew her father worked on the ground floor of the Federal Building. The fact that he worked in Fort Worth and the explosion was in Oklahoma City might slip past a small child if she heard part of the story. The receptionist straightened up her act and an administrator promised that if Caroline heard anything about this at school that they'd let her call home and speak to me to be sure her Dad was okay. During all of this we were in Texas

I was in bed at 8am on the Saturday morning the Columbia made it's sonic or explosive boom over the top of us. I'd have been more aware of it if I hadn't been up real late mopping up after a burst hot water tank. I was at home when the news of the Challenger interrupted something else I was watching. It was my day off and I was at home when we heard Reagan had been shot. Except for living in KY when Reagan was shot, the rest is again while living in Texas

I wasn't paying attention when they finally revealed who shot J.R. And I don't remember where I was living.