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Posted By: EagleWing
01-Mar-05 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hunting banned in England/Wales
Subject: RE: BS: Hunting banned in England/Wales
This legislation says it is bad to hunt foxes, but OK to hunt rabbits and rats. I think it is legitimate to ask what is the moral basis for this distinction. So far, not one supporter of the bill has had the grace to answer this simple and obvious question. Why dont you?

I've never seen a large number of people hunting rats and rabbits using a pack of dogs for the sheer fun of killing.

Having said that, I don't recall that anyone here has championed the hunting of rats and rabbits so I'm not sure that this isn't a red herring. I don't suppose the act covers hthe hunting of cheshire cats either.

The only kind of rabbit hunting I have ever known anything about is that of culling using ferrets. My only connection with that is having eaten some of the rabbits.

I think the act is a good move. I did not have anything to do with drawing up the act and really have no reason to answer your question quoted above. It is a question to ask a member of parliament. Perhaps you should start a campaign to save the rat or something. I just find myself amazed that anyone should consider that simply because some people don't like the organised cruelty of fox hunting with hounds, they should be accused of desiring or approving of other kinds of cruelty from battery farming to rat catching.

Frank L.