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Posted By: Gervase
01-Mar-05 - 04:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hunting banned in England/Wales
Subject: RE: BS: Hunting banned in England/Wales
The canard about the will of the people keeps getting trotted out. When did we get to exercise that will? Is the perceived will of the people always right (particularly on castrating rapists, burning paedophiles and hanging asylum seekers and Morris dancers)? Will someone answer that?
And the spin on the claim that >i>only six percent of the fox population is killed by hunting is daft. No-one is suggesting that the fox be made extinct. The point is to control a population to ensure that it does not cause economic or ecological damage. Six per cent is a lot of foxes. Annual culls of other species can sometimes take less than that (some deer herds on upland moors, for example). As a figure it's irrelevant when you actually look at it.
As for wasting time - do I waste my time on fighting the ban on foxhunting or the imposition of PELs? They've both pissed off a lot of people and both have stirred up a minority to rail at the government. It's a tough call!