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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
27-Feb-05 - 04:04 AM
Thread Name: What's your favourite John Lennon song?
Subject: RE: What's your favourite John Lennon song?
Guest SW, Words like 'over' and 'reaction' spring to mind. I simply said that, IMO (and the title of this thread indicates with absolute clarity that it was started for the purpose of eliciting people's opinions, so I don't need your permission) he wasn't a great writer, but that he was a great singer and the main reason for the Beatles intial success. If, by your comprehension of the English language, that equates to 'crucifixion', you're either singularly sensitive (in which case you need to either grow a skin or seek help with managing your anger) or you need to go to English night-classes.
My final word.