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Posted By: GUEST,Sidewinder.
26-Feb-05 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: What's your favourite John Lennon song?
Subject: RE: What's your favourite John Lennon song?
I am beginning to get a feeling of Kafaesque goings on pertaining to this posting on a certain level. It is a case of condemn the man and his achievements and if anyone speaks up in his defence go for them also. Sycophants work both sides of the fence and can be just as garrillous against a person as the the obsessives are for. I have consistently put forward opposing views to test the mettle of "in tune minds" playing Devils Advocate, on more than one occassion, but speaking out passionately in favour of my own personal favourites.If this offends the "out of tune minds" I apologise but I was never interested or requesting your opinions in the first place.I credit John Lennon with a great deal of influence on the 20th Century and admire his strength and talent in the face of adversity -who else after "She Loves You Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!" was daring and brave enough to go out on a limb and say "Woman is The Nigger of The World" and "Give Peace A Chance" and "Free John Sinclair" etc. etc. etc. You can cast your slings and arrows but Lennons reverence was sorely earned and his influence on popular culture greatly missed. The man was murdered in cold blood for christs sake! have you no compassion? - he offered the world a vision of peace and love and all you denigrators mock him and his genius. He was sure right when he said "the way things are going their gonna crucify me" I don't think he was of the mind that it would be you lot though, by any means.I am not the worlds biggest Dylan,Ochs,Seeger,fan but I don't tap into threads ass-kissing these guys and offer negativity and abuse -each to their own and think on -if you can!