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Posted By: Bill D
26-Feb-05 - 11:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
About the mixing of religion & politics.....

Of course they DO mix in various ways. People's religious views (or lack of them) will obviously affect how they vote and how they interact with others with whom they do not agree. (There is a LOT buried in that simple statement!)

The USA is 'supposed' to be founded on a principle that allows religious diversity without favoring any particular brand. Sadly, some brands seem to have the idea that if they can gain the majority...or even be a loud enough minority, they can influence and control situations and issues so that their ideas prevail...not just so that THEY can live they way they choose, but so that they can control how others live also.

This is how I see what Don Firth was referring to in comparing liberal & conservative Christian churches. One group is happy to let you pray to any diety you wish, keep different Sabbeths, cover various parts of your body according to scripture, eschew abortion, educate your children in special classes...etc...etc.

   The other group wishes..indeed, feels compelled, to promote one interpretation of a Diety over yours, pass laws which favor their notion of Sabbath, instill their own religious doctrine into public schools, (including prayers to their Diety, and excluding other's), demand that YOU not be allowed abortion, ensure that NO ONE gets to high office in this country unless he/she meets their religious standards....etc...all-in-all, attempting to not only MIX religion with politics, but to CONTROL politics with religion--and usually, one specific class of religion. We see this done in Iran, or Iraq, or Italy, and we go *tsk*, *tsk*...but here in the USA, where we are supposed to have free choice, there is constant pressure to conform and submit.

There are some areas which should not be a matter for vote or majority rule! The Supreme Court should not be ABLE to change Brown vs. Board of Education, or Roe vs. Wade just because we have G. Bush about to appoint 2-3 guys who are conservative.

The difference between liberals & conservatives might be described this way: When liberals are in office, most everyone is able to to most everything they wish that is legal and not directly at odds with society & their neighbors. When conservatives are in office, they immediately want to STOP certain behaviors and practices and INSTITUTE others. (Live in Salt Lake City, Utah for awhile to get the full flavor of that attitude. It is not enough for the LDS church to not partake of alcohol & caffeine, but they make it difficult for YOU to use it.)

Yeah, religion & politics DO get mixed in people's behavior, but I wish to live in a country where they are not explicitly mixed. If there were only 17 Christians in the country, they should be able to live, worship and congregate freely....and...if there were only ONE atheist in the country, he should be able to go to school without being subjected to daily prayers and harassed! That seems to be a pretty hard idea for some folks to swallow, but that is the ONLY way a country can truly call itself free and fair.