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Posted By: GUEST
25-Feb-05 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: Who's Posted the Most?
Subject: RE: BS: Who's Posted the Most?

It shows just how little you really gnow. I posted both messages that you attirbute to Guest 1 and Guest 2. The second one was a response to what you assumed was fully answered. I cannot accept your answer because I don't agree with it. I would think that we have the right to respectfully disagree even though I have not registered under an alias. Since it seems that most people's minds are made up that a Guest is a despicable animal who does not belong on the face of the earth I will now close out my part of this discussion. I don't believe in wasting my time debating closed-minded people. That is not meant to be in insult to you. It is just a statement of fact regarding this subject.

Into the mist I go. Where I will return nobody does know.

The One and Only Real Guest