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Posted By: Amos
25-Feb-05 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Who's Posted the Most?
Subject: RE: BS: Who's Posted the Most?
It is the uniqueness, which is a part of the truth, that you destroy with your obsessive anonymity.

It's the difference between "I" and everyone, between "Cobb's Mill" and "everywhere", or between "a letter from Tom Stallworthy" and "somebody called, I dunno who it was though..." or trying to listen to soeone who says "everybody knows that....".

The reason just saying Guest doesn't work is because it is automatically assigned to non-members, and it means there is no uniqueness.

All true communication is between unique points of view.

So you appear suspect from the outset even though you are sure you have done nothing to warrant suspicion. You're unwilling to stand up for an "I" even one as safe as a fictitious but consistent I. You insist on using a formless generality, as though you were a Cosmic Voice or too scared to show yourself even that much.