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Posted By: Amos
24-Feb-05 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: Who's Posted the Most?
Subject: RE: BS: Who's Posted the Most?

You often appear in the guise of someone of intelligence, but ths is clearly one of your many feints and dodges, because the answer to your question is obvious.

If you insist on communicating as legion, you are enforcing a not-there-ness on those who try to read what you are saying. You leave out the most critical notion inherent in communication, because you collapse your identitiy with an unbounded set -- I mean, the viewpoint one always adds tot he text when reading a post.

You may not ever meet Jerrry Rasmussen or Big Mick, but yopu know their point of view, and you are pretty certain about who they are even when you don't have a legal identity. There's a constancty of voice and framework which makes a cyber-correspondent "knowable" even though his identity may be legally a fiction.

But with you, well, you could be anyone. Talking to you means you could be a thousand points of view, your context slips through the mind like a wet and whining wind, you build your relationships on dust.

One effect of this phenomenon is that you impress people as being very afraid, whether you are or not, because it is so similar to the "viewpoint" opf someone in fear, leapingfrom place to place, trying to find a safe way to be.

That's what's the difference.