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Posted By: The Shambles
24-Feb-05 - 06:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat

To save going over it all again - you will find most of the detailed argument in the above thread.

Questions that I had to ask many times in this thread - were eventually answered by Joe Offer.

Please explain to me why it not possible, polite or desirable to obtain the originator's permission before making any changes to thread titles?

Why is imposition thought now to be the first, best and only option?

As for your question that you have repeated ad nauseam, my answer is that I do not believe it is necessary to expend so much time and effort on a simple editorial action. If the thread or message originator wishes to object or to discuss an editorial action with me, they are free to do so.

Like many such answers to many similar questions on this subject – the answer can probably be summed-up as 'because that is what I (or sometimes 'we') choose to do' - live with it......

All I can do is to try and ensure that contributors are aware of the reality of what is happening to our forum - under the 'spin' and leave it for you to judge if this is really the right direction.

Now I always had thought that what a thread was titled was a matter for the originator. I also thought that using a prefix or not – was an option for the originator. This is not the case – Joe Offer tells us that these are for our anonymous volunteers to change at will – and without first obtaining permission from the originator.

Song Challenge; Camilla and Charlie were lovers

The Song Challenge bit - was added anonymously – without first asking if I minded this change.

I do mind this imposed change - because it was a thread parody song – with the intention of folk being invited to add to and finish this song. A song challenge is for different songs on the same subject.

I asked (in this thread) if this could be changed back. The choice that Joe Offer now presents me with is to leave it as it is - or for him to remove the Song Challenge bit – and this will then result in this musical contribution being placed with the BS……………..

Not perhaps the biggest single issue facing the world - but perhaps worth bringing attention to and sensibly debating in this thread?