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Posted By: Piers
22-Feb-05 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need money?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need money?
Wolfgang, thanks for taking the time to read our stuff, I appreciate some of it is a bit old. Apart from that the efficiency of production has been allowed to increase to a point where the basic needs, at least, could be met and in much of the world there is a democratic structure where socialists can democratically bring in socialism I don't think it has much going for it. We stick to our definition of socialism, common ownership of the means of production, democratic control, free access to goods and services which has never existed, this is not to try and get round the fact eastern european state capitalism, it has been the party's position since 1904. Incidentally we are [in]famous on the left for denouncing the Russian revolution as not socialist within forty-eight hours. This is because unlike the other 'socialist'/'communist' parties that supported Russian state capitalism our analysis is based on Marxian principles of the materialist conception of history, class analysis and the labour theory of value whereas Leninist theory consists of trying to interpret Marx in ways that would justify running state capitalism as Marxist. So we are not idealists because our analysis is based evidence based.

We have a booklet called 'Are we prisoners of our genes?' which is more up-to-date but it isn't on-line. Have you read 'Alas, poor Darwin' edited by S and H Rose, it is a collection of essays critcising evolutionary psychology?

Annamill, they could get their smarties from a smartie factory, and the people in the smartie factory could get their tomatoes and computer programs from them. It's what happens now with a major differences - production is based on need (e.g. the amount of tomatoes produced is based on the amount of tomatoes that are consumed, whereas the market system only responds to signals of monetary demand and supply), production is democratically controlled (workers make decisions on how much land they will grow tomatoes on and how much corn they will need) and access to goods and services is free (so if it is a bad year for tomatoes they don't face poverty they can still get what they want).