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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
22-Feb-05 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: ClintonHammond & His I-75 Misadventure
Subject: RE: BS: ClintonHammond & His I-75 Misadventure
" But no call when you got to town?... We could have met for a pint."

That was about to be the subject of an email.. but the 24 hour lay-over in Gaylord, and the need to be calming and soothing with mothers made for a very short, sorta laser-focused visit mate... I saw little more than dining room tables and dinner plates the whole time I was there...

"There's a good new place here now.""
Now THAT is great news! I will be back... keep the place open for me until then eh mate!

"I don't need to be losing friends."
Neither you or Lynne are lucky enough to be quit of me THAT easily!


"when you realize you have NO control over the vehicle you're in"

*touch the break*
*touch the break*
*fold arms across chest*
"well, there's no point in steering now!"