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Posted By: annamill
21-Feb-05 - 08:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need money?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need money?
McGrath, I'm sorry. I've always been under the impression that Communism was based on the book written by (K)arl Marx. Am I wrong then? Drat! Now I'll have to go lookup these misconceptions I have and discover the truth.

From movies and other books I've read I always thought that the whole idea of taking from the ones who have much and spreading it evenly to everyone, in other words:

"If you were able to take all the "money" away from everyone and distribute it equally on a per capita basis, you would somewhat alter who was and was not the wealthy among us"

was based on Karl Marx's book and some called it Communism, which didn't work.

So, I have been wrong on this idea? Of course I am strongly simplifying it. I was just playing and not taking the whole thing seriously at all. So Sorry.

Thank you for the info. Would I be able to find "Capitol" in English?
Or would I be arrested for reading it? Ooohh, theres a good question.

I'll look up "Utopia" at the library. Maybe I'll stay away from "Capitol" right now and do it another time.

Look what's happening to us.

Love, Annamill