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Posted By: Lancashire Lad
21-Feb-05 - 04:06 AM
Thread Name: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (6)
Subject: RE: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (6)
Hi Nerd
Apology accepted.
Having read the above defination from the OED, maybe I am an apologist! However please, I repeat PLEASE, do NOT misconstrue that to mean I defend his business dealings. I DONT!!!!. My only reason to enter this thread was to ask the original questions. It still strikes me as perculiar that he can be a hate figure for many, whilst on the other hand, substantial movers and shakers at the business end of the folk scene, seem happy to deal with him. Perhaps its just a finance thing. Maybe we need someone from Topic Records (or similar labels) to join the conversation and explain their side of things.

Another thing has sprung to mind regarding DB / CM. We all know that he owns rights to many labels and therefore controls what gets re-released by an artist. Does he also own the publishing for this material? I know most trad material is in the public domain and not covered by copyright, but what about self written songs or trad / arr songs?