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Posted By: Nerd
20-Feb-05 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (6)
Subject: RE: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (6)
Lancashire Lad,

it is becoming increasingly obvious that you are lying. At the outset you said you were not an apologist for DB, yet your every question is along the lines of "but isn't he really in the right?" and "isn't it really the case that the artists are unreasonable?" And "correct me if I'm wrong, but if Bulmer were really unfair, wouldn't he have gone out of business long since?" Yes, we know that no unfair businessperson has ever managed to remain in business. Good thinking, LL!

Then you protest that you know no inside information at all, yet the moment someone points you to READ THE THREAD(S) ON THIS TOPIC you begin to reveal facts that, if true, are obviously inside information about artists and their dealings with DB.

So either

1) the information is false and you are lying about it.


2) it is true and you are lying about knowing no inside information.

I incline to believe the latter (you know more than you claim, and are closer to the subject than you admit). Either way, it becomes clear that you ARE in fact an apologist for Dave Bulmer with some knowledge of his business affairs.