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Posted By: GUEST,Lien
19-Feb-05 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (6)
Subject: RE: Celtic Music Dave Bulmer (6)
I have learned much about Mr Bulmer and his curious practices that have damaged nearly everyone who has had the misplaced trust to deal with him. To give some insight I can respond to your questions in the oredr you put them: 1 Generally speaking musicians are trusting souls and, sadly rather foolishly, not over-concerned with the business side of things. Remember that Bulmer projects himself as being a musician - which he is - and therefore could never be a bastard to a fellow "artiste". Whilst drivelling on about "Im a musician myself" he has the effect of luring the prospective signing into a very, very false sense of wellbeing. (viz Brian from Flute)   2 as far as Distribution is concerned there are very few mainstream distributors who will handle folk music. CM, in many senses, is the only ballgame in town.   3    I think you will find that most of the back catalogue was acquired (sometimes in very iffy circumstances indeed) from Receivers of the former labels you mention. This is certainly true in the case of Leader/Trailer and Making Waves at least.   4 He escapes any tangible legal action through the efforts of his partner, the bent former lawyer Neil Sharpley. There are many, many people who can attest to the bludgeoning and spiteful treatment dealt by that person. Even former partners have suffered at his hands. It is he who threatens would be claimants with the big legal stick.   I am aware of at leat two parties co-operating at this time to present a cogent complaint to the Police about Mr Bulmer's business practices. It really can only be a matter of time before he himself is doing time. 5 And of course Bulmer is not a "suit".   I would doubt if he even owns a suit. His dress sense makes the notion of "dressing down" look like "dressing up". Perfect for assisting the snaring of musicians to deals that they will almost all live to deeply regret at some future date.