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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
18-Feb-05 - 05:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Smarties to drop the tube!!
Subject: RE: BS: Smarties to drop the tube!!
If you'd had a box in your mouth, instead of a tube, surely it would have had sharp edges, and hurt even more, skipy.

Kit Kat is wrapped in plastic now, and since that happened its sales have slumped. Serve the bastards right Here's a site with a piece about that:

"...When Nestlé stopped foil wrapping their KitKat and slipped them into plastic sachets instead it was a bit of a disaster. It was said that it was done so that we could enjoy our KitKats even fresher, but I think you would find it hard to find a gone off KitKat...

The foil was integral to what KitKats were all about...We liked how we could run our thumb nails down the groove between the fingers. We liked how we could run our finger tips over the top to reveal the cursive KitKat logo cut in the chocolate. We even liked how we could roll it up in to little foil balls and bat them around with our fingers, or make little sculptures..."

Maybe someone could start importing properly packed Kit Kat from Canada...