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Posted By: Ebbie
16-Feb-05 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: 5 Dems to Stand Trial for Slashing GOP Tires
Subject: RE: 5 Dems to Stand Trial for Slashing GOP Tires
Ah. We're of the same opinion, which is what I thought.

I obviously did not make a clear statement with "There is one major difference between the 'liberal' Democrats and the 'conservative' Republicans. Liberals make no bones or excuses about the legality or appropriateness of vandalizing cars for whatever reason. I suspect that if it were the conservatives responding to one of their own, we'd hear totally different reasoning."

I meant that the liberals/Democrats are agreeing with the conservatives/Republicans as to the wrongness of the vandalism, and then further implying that the cons/Reps might not have the same reaction had it been Republican vandals.