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Posted By: PoppaGator
16-Feb-05 - 02:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Big Mick New Jersey bound.
Subject: RE: BS: Big Mick New Jersey bound.
I always heard and said "down the Shore," of course, but we did live north of the shore so we went "down" the Garden State Parkway to get there. I wasn't sure whether South Jerseyans use the same expression for their shorebound trips due east or ENE.

If you're interested in Revolutionary War history, most of the conflict took place in NJ, with Washington leading his troops back and forth between New York and Valley Forge over a period of several years. The state has a great system of historical sites; I would hope they're still maintained as well as when I was a youngster and "collected" visits to as many as possible.

I'm glad to have come from New Jersey, and I'm just as glad to live in New Orleans now. (I never intend to lift another snowshovel for the rest of my life!) But NJ certainly takes a bad rap; if you're going to live in the North, you could certainly do worse.

It's convenient to the great cities of New York and Phildelphia without the expense and hassle of living within the city limits, and even though there is a high concentration of population and industry across the center of the state, there are lovely scenic and rural areas to the northwest and southeast. Also, the schools are generally quite good (hint: you could move your kids with you!).

One more bit of aviation history: the first US airmail flight was from Hadley Airport in South Plainfield (2-3 miles from my Mom's house) to Dayton, Ohio. That was before my time, but I do remember Hadley, the site of my first plane ride sometime in the mid-1950s, a short up-and-down hop in a Piper Cub. Back then, it was surrounded by farmland; today, it's been paved over and replaced by a shopping mall and a cloverleaf ("jughandle") interchange on I-287.