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Posted By: hesperis
16-Feb-05 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: 5 Dems to Stand Trial for Slashing GOP Tires
Subject: RE: BS: Friends of Amos?
Well, I do know that in Indiana, cars with "vote kerry"-type stickers on them often had the stickers taken off again and again. I hadn't heard of any specific vandalism but there were several people worried that their car would be vandalized if they put a kerry sticker on it. I didn't hear any worries about bush stickers.

But what the actions of people on the lunatic fringe willing to obstruct democracy by vandalizing vehicles involved in the process have to do with either party, or with Amos, is rather beyond me. Isn't it just plain stupid to obstruct those with different beliefs, no matter what your beliefs are? Would you be happy that someone vandalized cars, as long as they were the "enemy" cars?

I'm a friend of Amos. And being a friend of his has nothing to do with my political beliefs.