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Posted By: Piers
15-Feb-05 - 04:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why do we need money?
Subject: RE: BS: Why do we need money?
Trots don't talk about a moneyless society, they would prefer state ownership of capital.

Money is necessary in market-based economies to act as an interchangable commodity to exchange commodities, including labour. With labour, employers pay less in wages and salaries tham they get from selling the products of that labour, to return a profit. The productive process is thus exploitative and driven only toward the maximum extraction of surplus resulting in many people unnecessarily going without things they need, wars over resources, miserable working conditions etc, etc.

But this isn't the way it has to be: the productive processes are now so efficient there is the possibility of abundance in all necessary things. There is no need to ration goods and services as there could be enough for everybody. A moneyless society is possible through common ownership and democratic control of production.

You don't need money because you could have world socialism.