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Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: RE: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Collection of American College Songs with Piano-forte Accompaniment.
Compiler and Arranger, C. Wistar Stevens
Russell & Tolman, 1860.

Songs of Harvard, Yale, Williams and Dartmouth.

Harvard Songs

A Song of '29 (Oliver Wendell Holmes)
Class of '59 (air- "A Pilgrim and a Stranger")
Cobbler and Tinker (drinking song)
Fair Harvard
Gratulandum est (in "Doodle Yankee cantandum"
Hark! the Morning Bell is Pealing
In Moments of Joy (by C. C. F.)
In Sanitatum Ommnium, ça, ça!
Integer Vitae
It's a Way We Have at Old Harvard (drinking song)
Lone Fish Ball (Founded on a Boston Fact)
There's Music in the Air (G. F. Root)
'Tis Song that Scatters Roses in the Heart (C. W. Stevens)
'T was Off the Blue Canaries (J. M. Hubbard)
When the Puritans Came Over (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Songs of Yale

Alma Mater
Alma Mater O
Atalanta Boat Song (A. Bigelow; Air- "Blue Juniata")
Audacia (C. G. Cane; Air- Crambambuli
Come, Classmates
Gather ye Smiles (Air- "Sparkling and Bright")
Gaudeamus igitur
Lauriger Horatius
Old Yale
Parting Ode (W. S. Colton)
Smoking Song (F. M. Finch; Air "Sparkling and Bright")
Song, Class of '54 (Air- "Derby Ram")
Temm Me Not in Mournful Numbers (air- "Co-ca-che-lunk")
The Day of Departure (German air- "Juvallera")
The Wooden Spoon (air- "Benny Havens, O")

Songs of Williams

Biennial Serenade (S. W. Gladden, Air- "Yo, Yah, Yo")
My Whisker (R. Jackson, Air- "Old Arm Chair")
Oh, Give Me a Home (S. W. Cooper, Air- "Araby's Daughter")
Old Williams, 'tis of Thee (E. B. Parsons, Air- "America")
Prize Song (G. L. Raymond, Air- "Sparkling and Bright")
Sixty (J. W. Hyde, Air- "Pop Goes the Weasel")
The Mountains (words and music by S. W. Gladden)
The Summer Dawn Is Breaking (words arr. from Dr. Holmes,
    music S. W. Gladden)
Towering Around Us
Vacation Song (D. D. Willsea, Air- "O, Boys! Carry Me 'Long")
Way Down in the Hoosick Valley (J. A. French, Air- "Angelina Baker")

Dartmouth Songs

Come, Brothers, Drive Dull Care Away (Air- "Few Days")
Come, Let Us Drink to Junior Ease (Air- "Old Grimes")
Dirge (Air- "China")
Incantation (F. H. Fletcher, Air- "Co-ca-che-lunk")
Jubilate (A. B. Thompson, Air- "Old Dartmouth")
Let Every Young Sophomore
Mathematical Jordan
Matthew's Valedictory (Air- "Auld Lang Syne")
Old Time, with Steady Face (A. H. Clifford, Air- "Blow, Ye Windy Mornings")
The Nymph of Joy (Air- "Happy Are We Tonight")