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Posted By: Amos
14-Feb-05 - 05:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Fire Ward Churchill
Subject: RE: BS: Fire Ward Churchill
DaveO has the rights of the situation, and as well has the high ground because he is trying to speak rationally, which neither Martin nor Guest are doing.

It is an interesting point that Ward stepped on so MANY toes by saying something that was not well understood -- most of the reaction was due tot he "little Eichmann" phrase without a full understanding of how it was being used. But it doesn't matter, because it was in poor taste. The REAL quesation is this : in the series of changes that culminarted in 9-11, in what ways and to what degrees DID the United States sow the seeds of this action, and to what degree could they have avoided it at those criticval junctures? This requires an analysis I am not equipped to deliver here to answer but I think some of Ward's thinking is definitely apropos, even if parts of it are overdone.