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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
14-Feb-05 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Giving up religion for Lent...
Subject: RE: BS: Giving up religion for Lent...
Thanks, Guest1 (and thanks for identifying yourself. You are 100% right. I understand why there is so much antagonism toward that segment of Christians in the United States who are trying to use the cross as a swrod to strike down non-Christians. It makes me angry, too. And puts me in a difficult situation. These days, so much of Christianity doesn't seem to have anything to do with Christ.

I was reading a book today and especially appreciated a comment that Christianity is not a religion. It is trying to live the way Christ calls us to live. All the rest is man-made strutures. And it has all the faults and weaknesses of anything man made.

Maybe I just need to stay out of these "discussions." I know what I, and many others believe and how they are trying to live a life that puts others ahead of ourselves. We are caught in the crossfire... criticized by those who are trying to cram their religion down the throats of everyone who doesn't believe (and gun barrels work real well) and those who lump us with them.

Sometimes you can't win for losing...

As for the criticism leveled at me by another Guest that people have a right to discuss religion in here "jokingly, sarcastically or anything else," I agree. As I said in an earlier post:

"The funny thing is, I don't really have a problem with people starting threads attacking the hypocrisy in some/many (but definitely not all churches.) If you've been hurt, go right ahead and express your anger. You have every right to do so."

And I mean that. But why do you feel that others can't respond to, or disagree with what you said? I thought this was supposedly a site for free speach.