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Posted By: EagleWing
14-Feb-05 - 06:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: Giving up religion for Lent...
Subject: RE: BS: Giving up religion for Lent...
"It's no good calling us guests bigots, it advances nothing. If we descend to that level we just call you bigot back."

The only reason I used the word bigot is because the post I was replying to showed every sign of bigotry. When I post something as bigotted as that feel free to call me a bigot. However, I believe in the right for someone to speak about their religion on a thread which is about religion. The post I was answering (from GUEST) tried to deny that right.

BTW. Why is it that people wishing to post these attacks hide behind the word GUEST? It is at least possible to identify which GUEST by using a consistent nickname.

Frank L.