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12-Feb-05 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Giving up religion for Lent...
Subject: RE: BS: Giving up religion for Lent...
As guest one here (market town bible punchers) I agree with so much said above. I have no quarrel with the teachings of Christ, in fact if they were lived by we'd be in a much better world. Those who follow the true way are a threat to no one, in fact some are my true friends. It's political religion that is the enemy, be it Moslem, Christian, Jewish, whatever. It's the "we are right, you are wrong" school.It's the superstition, the deliberately encouraged ignorance, the return to the dark ages from the age of enlightenment that is the curse of our time. Those of us opposed to these elements need some sort of rallying point for our opposition. It is a war now, a war of ideas, and if the enlightened lose it there will be only chaos and more bloodshed. the Taliban mentality is loose in America as it is loose in Afghanistan.We in Europe must stand up as it begins to get its grip here as Blair, another religious fundamentalist at heart, encourages more faith schools, including those funded from the States which will teach "Creationism", the theory of those truly blind to the reality of our common earth history.