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Posted By: GUEST,The Shambles
05-Feb-05 - 06:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
The 'whining' (of a few noisy posters - over many years) is - what I suggest - has caused all of this quite unecessary imposed judgement. And the 'spin' - that all this censorship is vigously defended by, as being required. Despite its obvious inablity to prevent over time, the only thing it is supposed to be set-up to combat and protect us from.

For despite all the unpleasant threats made to occasional offenders by our volunteers and the deleting and closure of entire threads - the same long-term offenders are still offending (and addressed here by our volunteers quite politely). This leads many folk to post and question IF any censorship at all, IS in fact taking place.......For IF it is taking place - it does not appear to be affecting the offending posters or improving the general tone.

For all posters have always had all the tools they needed to deal with threads and posts that may not be to their taste.

The practice of passing judgement on the worth of other poster's - rather than just noting, responding or ignoring the views contained in their post - has been encouraged by our volunteers to be just about the 'only game in town'.

The constant call from many other posters - for others to be encouraged to follow the sensible and effective example - (that I suggest the majority of posters manage to set without too much difficulty) - which is never to post to respond to obvious provocation - is ignored by our volunteers.

This example is ignored in favour of invited support for continued imposed judgement action taken as they wish, by our volunteers. Who seemingly themselves are incapable of not responding in public (and in kind) to obvious provocation and generally behave just as they wish - whilst excusing and justifying every one of their actions.

That this negative example is the one that is generally being followed by many other posters - is perhaps not too surprising.

I have no expectation that any of our volunteers (known or anonymous)are going to volunteer to stop. For although this is not a paid position - it would obviously appear to have its rewards as there are no shortage of willing volunteer judges.

However and perhaps, if more and more of the rest of us do set and follow a more positive posting example - it can finally be demonstrated by us - that there is no need for any of our volunteers and their judgement to be imposed upon us? Then we will all be happy.......?