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Posted By: Shula
05-Oct-97 - 05:52 PM
Thread Name: Poems of A.A.Milne Set to Music/Christopher Robin
Subject: RE: Poems of A.A.Milne Set to Music
Oh me darlins 'n' me dearies,

THANK YE, THANK YE ALL! With folks so kind, what need's a life? Tickled nearly rhodochrosite by all the posts here. (Thanks, Joe, for keepin' this'un frae th' slag-heap.) Where, oh where, to begin...

How to get copies of the TUNES appears to be the only problem. If anyone is offering, would be glad to send a tape. E-mail's FAX# on request.

Alison: Meant to say "Vespers" is the title of the POEM.

Justin: Is a copy of this tape you mention AVAILABLE?

Dani and Bill D: Charming pics, though rah-ther loudly "colourised" by dear old Uncle Walt. Sorry y'all took a lickin' fer a'tryin' to do an ol' gal a kine'niss. Bill, that "Pooh, With Paw in Pot" one, in the original, is a fav., and seasonal for Rosh Hashanah, too! (My 29-year-old son, when little, heard R.H. as "rush us honey" since it is trad. to dip bread and fruit slices in the sticky stuff as a sort of "sympathetic magic" to sweeten the new year. And here I thought the Bear of Very Little Brain to be a Buddhist! Could you post the words to The WTP Rag? Thanks.

LaMarca: Eagerly awaiting the location of the repro.'s you mention.

Songster Bob: The adult CR is reported to have remarked, somewhat churlishly, that HAD he designed a brake, it most certainly WOULD have worked!

Buck Mulligan: Best to start reading a thread from the beginning, but no harm in mentioning "James James Morrison Morrison" again. Kids always seem to enjoy the reversal of roles. Cute song.

Dick: My personal favorite Milne poem from earliest youth is The Dormouse and The Doctor. Never COULD abide chrysanthemums, n'r mos' "h'experts" nuther, truth be told! (Turns out that this'un, like "Vespers" afore it, antedates the book and, at least partially, occasioned it.) Would LOVE music for it! (Did anyone happen to mention "There Was An Old Sailor" [who had so many things that he wanted to do...]? If't ha'nt b'n made a shanty of, tuh yit, 't'ortah!)

May all who gather in this place have a year sweetened with the honey of peace, plenty, health and harmony. Many many THANKS to ALL.

L'Shanah Tova!