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Posted By: Nerd
03-Feb-05 - 07:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq

I believe Wolfgang meant that the error that you never acknowledged was the claim that Iraq had a Persian majority. Your more recent claim not to know why you lumped Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan together is odd, because it is obvious from reading the earlier posts why you did so: you thought they all had Persian majorities. I quote the first relevant post:

"The good news in Iraq is that the people of Iraq and Iran are re-claiming their common Persian identity."

In the second, you said:

"Yes, Amos, Iran is thought to be the center of Persian culture. Iraq and Afghanistan also have Persian majorities."

So there it was, the first time you put all those three countries together, for the purpose of stating that they all have Persian majorities.

Only they DON'T all have Persian majorities. While you seem to have tacitly accepted this, you never in fact acknowledged the error (you said you agreed with me as though you had always agreed, which is not quite the same). I was not personally offended by this, but it does come off as a rather defensive move and makes your subsequent questions about population look like an attempt to change the subject. I think that is what Wolfgang was responding to.