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Posted By: pavane
03-Feb-05 - 06:48 AM
Thread Name: Nasty Nursery Rhymes
Subject: RE: Nasty Nursery Rhymes
A few more remembered from my youth, which don't seem to have been posted yet

Mary had a little lamb
'twas full of fun and frolics
And every time the music played
She kicked it in the      earhole

Jack and Jill went up the hill
There was no-one in the vicinity
Jack came down less half-a-crown
And Jill less her virginity

For US readers, the Crown and Half-Crown were old coins. A Crown was worth a quarter of a Pound sterling, or 5 shillings. Half a crown was worth one eighth of a pound, or two shillings and six pence. It was colloquially known as a half a dollar, because that was its approximate value in the good old days of four dollars to the pound.