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Posted By: Wolfgang
01-Feb-05 - 11:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
Subject: RE: BS: The WMD that is never mentioned
A bit more on the crazy theories after the tsunami:

Mohamed Faizeen (German transliteration), chairman of the Center of Islamic Studies in Colombo, has the proof that Allah has sent the wave "as punishment for the humans not following his laws". You can even see Allah's signature in a satellite picture of the wavefront:


Sometimes these pictures I link to don't show here, so I tell it in case you don't see it yourself: A curved 'W' is seen in the wavefront with a bit of phantasy, a part of Alla's name in Arab writing. Reminds me of Christians seeing Satan's picture in the smoke on Sept 11th, 2001.

German rightwing nuts believe in the Jewish-American bomb triggering the event: Why else were so few Americans and Jews among the victims?

Not to foget the UFO buffs: Extraterrestrials have sent ther wave to correct the earth rotation (thanks anyway, but wasn't there a way with less victims; ET?). That fits well with some observations of a red triangle in the sky over India in the night before the wave.

Some other followers of the extraterrestrial idea see the ETs as less helpful: A superior intelligence plans the reduction of mankind to roughly 1 billion by exploding a supervolkano. The tiny earthquake and tsunami we have witnessed is but the last testrun before they really hit.

For the more scientifically minded: Ther real reason was a seismic test off the coast of Australia done for prospecting oil and gas (there's the oil angle!!!). The proof: 169 whales and dolphins have stranded at the coast of Tasmania just four weeks before the tsunami.

However, I think a German magazine hit upon the correct explanation when they blamed heavily overweight Helmut Kohl vacationating at the time of the disaster in Sri Lanka: "After Kohl's 'arse bomb' (if a diver dives arse first with the intention to make as big a splash as possible we call it an 'arse bomb') half of Asia flooded".

Yes, it was a satire magazine. But all other explanations are meant serious by those publishing them.