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Posted By: John in Brisbane
01-Feb-05 - 03:13 AM
Thread Name: Tech: ABC to sheetmusic/midi
Subject: RE: Tech: ABC to sheetmusic/midi
On the subject of - which we weren't - has anyone tried listening to the MIDI of an ABC which includes "guitar chords". I hadn't realised that the ABC Convert-A-Matic actually plays accompaniment. I've just posted the following ABC to another thread and to my ear the '7ths' with which I lavished it don't sound as if they're 1-3-5-7. Is this my imaginitus?

Feel free to criticise my arrangement as a separate issue - it's the sound of the generated chords that's my current concern.

Regards, John

T:The Bull's Despair
w:They say I'm a champ-i-on bull, sir, My genes are the
"D7"c8B8c8|"G"d24-|"G7"d8z8   G8|"C"e8d8c8|"F"d8c8A8|
w:best ones to sow,   My broth-ers all got the un
"C"G4G4E16-|"A7"E8z8    G4G4|"D7"A8d8c8|"G7"B8A8B8|"C"c24-|c16|
w:kind-est cut, But with pride I still swing to and fro.
W:        The Bull's Despair
W:        They say I'm a champion bull, sir,
W:        My genes are the best ones to sow,
W:        My brothers all got
W:        The unkindest cut
W:        But with pride I still swing to and fro.
W:        My grandfather told me of his exploits,
W:        Of springtimes the natural way,
W:        He and his mates
W:        Would rush through the gates
W:        And see how many cows they could lay.
W:        Now, I've fathered some thousands of calves, sir,
W:        Yet I've not seen a flesh and blood heifer,
W:        For me, it's a vet
W:        With a latex pipette
W:        In a fibreglass cow, that they proffer.
W:        Darwin showd us behaviour's passed down, sir,
W:        We seek romance to help us beget,
W:        If this practice adheres
W:        For some thousands of years
W:        Bulls will lust for the most dextrous vet!