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Posted By: Ron Davies
31-Jan-05 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
Larry K--

I suppose that as a Bushite you can't be expected to read carefully. But this time you have exceeded even your own amazingly high standard for misreading a post. I'll certainly have to admit, however, that you are indeed a worthy disciple of the Great Miscommunicator (Mr. Reagan), whom you delight in quoting.

Since you won't be bothered to read carefully, I will quote from my own post of 28 Jan 05 11:15 PM: "The election of 1932 certainly was NOT (emphasis added now) a sterling example of democracy". Is that clear enough for you? Why did you waste so many words (31 Jan 05 10:24 AM) coming to the same conclusion? Don't you realize you agree with me?

Now you also state in that post: "During that time" (1945-55) "there was a great amount of violence from terrorists and pro-nazi (sic) supporters". A great amount of violence from pro-Nazi supporters? Really? Please enlighten us. I imagine Wolfgang or any of our other German contributors could straighten you out on this, but I will just ask you for proof, please,----and not from Fox News or Mr. Limbaugh this time----nor from your own fertile imagination. With sources, specific incidents, and dates, of course----and all after VE Day and in what became West Germany.

If you cannot come up with proof, I have prepared a wonderful plate of steaming crow for you. Enjoy!

Better still, why don't you go back to work and stop wasting your employer's time.