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Posted By: PoppaGator
31-Jan-05 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Religious Left
Subject: RE: BS: The Religious Left
It's been a couple of days since Com Seangan posted this:

"Jesus Christ did not try to appropriate the power of the state to impose His views on everyone (as do today's right-wingers who profess to be His followers). Authoritarianism of any kind was never part of His message".

Well said Popogator. I hadn't heard it put that way before. Hard to contradict.

I really should own up to the fact that I didn't come up with that nice concise statement ~ I was paraphrasing (believe it or not) the Reverend Al Sharpton. Several weeks ago, he appeared on one of the Sunday morning poitical talk shows (Meet the Press? Face the Nation?) along with two right-wing ministers, Jerry Falwell and another gentleman, one of whom questioned whether Rev Al was "truly saved," whether he "truly knew Jesus." Al ~ not someone for whom I had had much regard previously ~ indignantly responded that he was saved, that he did know Jesus, but that the Jesus he knew...(see above quote).

I was absolutely floored. What a great statement ~ absolutely righteous and undeniable. The two rightwingers had nothing to say, and the network awkwardly went to a commercial.

Now, I realize that this does not counter every aspect of evangelical fundamentalism, some of which (I imagine) might not bother me at all. But it certainly speaks to the most obnoxious and intrusive traits of those who are so actively trying to beat the rest of us into submission to their beliefs.

By the way, I would be glad to get in on that lovefest with Jerry and Jim and all the rest, but I always tend to drop out of these religious discussions after jumping in early, because I become reluctant to go into detail about my own peculiar mixture of belief and disbelief, and also because someone else (e.g., Little Hawk) usually articulates a similar-enough position more enthusiastically than I ever would. But really, I want to get along with everyone of good will; don't misinterpret my in-and-out presence as a lack of interest!