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Posted By: GUEST,Larry K
31-Jan-05 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
Ron- In the words of the Great Ronald Reagan- "there you go again" rewriting history.   My point was that after WWII ended, it took 10 years before Germany had its first election. During that time there was a great amount of violence from terrorists and pro nazi supporters. Iraq had its first election much sooner.   

Of course Germany had elections prior to Hitler.   That was not my point at all.   My point was that it took 10 years after the war ended and Hitler was removed to be ready for an election. It only took 1 year after the war ended and Sadamm was removed for Iraq to have a free election.    What part of that don't you understand.

Since you bring up pre Hitler elections- lets look at the facts. Hitler was never democratically elected.   He lost the 1932 election in a 4 way race.   Since the leading vote getter only got 49% of the vote, they had to have a run-off.   Hitler LOST THE RUNNOFF!   If memory serves, Hitler got less than 40% of the vote in both elections.

However, in one of the most stupid moves in the history of mankind, Chamberlain and other pushed Germany to appoint Hitler as the number two man because they thought they could control him better.   Hitler than gained power through violence and had the chancellor killed making Hitler the Chancellor.   He than threw away the German constitution.   

I would not call Hitlers rise to power a democratic process.   sorry if the truth offends you.   The Iraq election was a huge victory for democracy and freedom.   (still a lot of work to do and many hurdles and pitfalls- it ain't over yet)   The Iraq election was also a huge defeat for Haters of America on this forum.