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Posted By: Bobert
31-Jan-05 - 07:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
And then it was LINKS TO AL QUEDA which were false. And ALUMINUM TUBES to make NUCLEAR bombs that make big MUSHROOM CLOUDS and that could attack us in 45 MINUTES which was wrong...Then it was on to SADAAM IS I BADMAN and had to be removed which they did but Bush still wouldn't leave after that was accomplished? Wahts with that, Dougie, et al??? Hey, if having a BADMAN in conrol of yer danged country is grounds to be invaded I can provide you all with a long list of countries, the US included, that need a good whacking!!!...

But now we're down the list of excuses and the Bush folks, rather than say, "Hey, we mighta messed up..." huddled together and came up with DEMOCRATIZATION??? Well, how long will the US military have to stay in Iraq for that to happen? Couple hundred years? Heck, the US is supposed to have a democracy but it still doesn't and we've been at it for over 200 years...

And don't even talk about LIBERTY or FREEDOM. Those sound good but they are so far away from what the Itaqis have now that those terms are just good PR propaganda for Joe 12-Pack and a bad joke to everyone else...