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Posted By: Gervase
31-Jan-05 - 06:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
Subject: RE: BS: Disprove 'Christianity'...You can't.
'Thanks for the replies, I have enjoyed reading them'
Eh? But what was the point of the original post? Is it some form of Tourette's? Are you seeking endorsement from fellow Christians? Has someone recently challenged your 'faith' and made it necessary for you to make some sort of public statement? Are are you simply some benign happy-clappy experiencing som sort of rapture that you really felt you had to share?
Whatever. I'm sure that Jesus - in between being in control of global warming, genocide and those pesky non-believers - will pause, smile and give you a nice gold star. Now get back to your crayons and draw us a nice picture of an angel, there's a good chap.
As for being accepted into his 'kingdom' - if it's gibbering bores who post that sort of naive claptrap then I'll decline, ta very muchly. And anyway - I prefer republics. What's god's view on those?