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Posted By: Boab
31-Jan-05 - 02:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good News in Iraq
Subject: RE: BS: Good News in Iraq
I did expect the Iraqi elections to be hailed as "a great success" no matter what. But "stupendous"?? That sure out-bushes Bush!! I'm sure DOUG R doesn't really believe that the ---completely predictable --election result is going to mean the end of resistance to the occupation. That will continue, and more innocents and young men in uniform will be maimed and killed. And like many another non-Iraqi I will never be lulled by oft-repeated , and oft-modified crap propaganda as to the driving reason for "democratisation " of Iraq. The given reason ---from both Bush and Blair and their cronies---for the implementation of slaughter in Iraq was "Weapons of Mass Destruction". In other words , as most of the world guessed then, and all the world knows now, our people were deceived by vile lies, and by vile liars; they haven't changed, not one little bit!